Belinda Fairbanks and bogans

Weren’t we all in love with Axl at some stage of our teenage hood?
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ok so growing up in cheltenham/moorabbin in Melbourne Victoria … just around the corner from “Southlands” shopping centre (where they actually film the kath and kim shopping centre scenes) … i must say, i’m a bit of a bogan at heart! i laugh at all the kath & Kim jokes, grew up on “Gunners”, and am wearing an origional blue flannel i found at an opp shop a year ago before the flannel craze swept the nation this season! yes i’m a dork. So anyway, i’m a massive fan of the gorgeous and talented fashion designer Belinda Fairbanks who grew up a few suburbs away … yes she is THE bogan of Melbourne! She gives Bogan a HOT name! She recently launched her “Children of the Sun” winter range at the Albert Park Hotel this year, my twin sister offered her services and did the hair and makeup on all these HOT SLAPPERS and made then into true Shazza’s! Belinda Fairbanks is successfully running her Label “Children of the Sun” so try pick up some of the summer range … stunning hawaii style pascal coloured printed tee’s! just too FOXY! visit and visit her myspace

Belinda Fairbanks and her slappers and the “sandman” shaggin waggon

My twin Luciana Rose did the hair and makeup for the shazza slapper bogans!

Children of the Sun summer launch 2007