When designing Aurora, Spelly had another kind of muse in mind to our usual. She’s vibrant, full of boundless energy and never sleeps. The subject of many incredible songs, an inspiration for those who seek her and a mixed bag. She is the Big Apple, the city of New York.

Inspired by the notion of a city being another character in the story, as Spelly’s favourite TV character Carrie Bradshaw once said, “If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine. And I can’t have nobody talking shit about my boyfriend.”

This sentiment from the show has always stuck with Spelly, and when designing Aurora there was certainly a free-spirited, independent woman (with an amazing wardrobe, of course!!) in her mind… what might her favourite fictional NYC characters be wearing today if they were strutting down the street?

We are pretty proud of Aurora. There is a mix of some beautiful new silhouettes in our Dahlia print we think you will all just love, some of our most romantic and detailed Spell whites to date, and beautifully sophisticated detailing in our Aurora and Rosalie styles.

For the first time ever, we worked with hemp in our old favourite flannel and slouchies, a sustainable blend of hemp and cotton was used to create these and they’re amaaazing… we live in these babies!

Our campaign was shot with American bombshell (and mama!) Stormi Bree who exudes the allure and confidence that rivals that with the character of NYC. We worked with the insanely talented creative, influencer, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and artist Tessa Barton of Tezza to shoot the campaign, and the pairing with the backdrop of the city was an ultimate fruition of our vision to reality.

The campaign film nods to one of Spelly’s favourite TV scenes, which features a break up on a post-it… our muse ultimately realises, with friends and an amazing city where anything is possible, what more could you want?

Muse Stormi Bree
Photographer Tessa Barton – Tezza
Stylist Lisa Danielle
Hair Josphen Zamora
Makeup Allan Aponte and Jocelyn Biga
Production Mel Carrero, Zoe Googe and Cole Herman
Film by Amadeus Bell-Todd

Launching Wednesday, 24th July 10am AEST
Tuesday, 23rd July 5pm PDT
Tees coming soon