Photography by Mel Carrero

Splendour 2018

Another rotation around the sun and we’re back at the grounds of Splendour in the Grass ~ I remember in 2009 we set up a little pop up tent outside the Blue House on Shirley Street (before it got knocked down), and sold our wares to the crowds as they walked into the festival (back then Splendour was held at that site between town and the industrial estate) literally walking distance from town… eventually the cops shut us down, (from memory I tried to flirt with the cute cop to get him to just give us a warning… cringe! Which totally didn’t work! Double cringe!!) …So, Splendour, you’ve been in our hearts forever! And each year you just gets more colourful. More vibrant!

Dust swirled and the sun was shining all weekend. Happy crowds streamed in, danced, shopped, ate, strutted and danced some more! For us, it’s always about good boogies with friends and of course checking out all the amazing outfits. We’re forever enamoured by the not-so-subtle art and freedom of festival dressing – how people make their mark, tap into that alter ego that lies dormant the other 362 odd days of the year… Of course, our Festival Princess Annalise McLachlan took it to another level again, raising the stakes in all matter of theatricality and drama – her festival outfits are more ‘costume’ than anything else, and we hail her boldness and her beauty. We spotted so many other incredible Spell outfits at the festival, some worn by strangers (who we often become fast friends with), and others old friends who always have their own sartorial take on their Spell festival garb…

You’ll spot some of our fave JASMINE looks, as worn by some of our favourite ladies – Jasmine goes live online this Thursday. 26th of July at 10am AEST. We hope you loved seeing a little sneak peek of it being worn all weekend!

Peace out, Splendour xx