Adorn thy Home

Lately we’ve been sourcing and creating little treasures to adorn thy home. You can spend so much time adorning thy fingers and thy neck, writs, ears… that you come to expect a level of adornment all around you!
We’ve had so many people ask if we sell the feathers and crystals that we use in our designs as separate pieces, and we thought, ‘Well? Why don’t we??!’
We’ve crafted some of the same little talisman that we use in our own homes and just posted them in the For the Home section of our shop… Little leather bound feather clusters, good-luck crystal pouches (to come), and some gorgeous new shell wall hangings. We hope you love them!
Shop For the Home, or shop rings and bracelets, necklaces or ON SALE. xx
* * *
Oh! And the winner of our Halo Skull Ornament March Giveaway is Jillian! 
Not sure where in the world you’re from but we’ll email you to get your details now!