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A BLUE LAGOON by Luciana Rose
Photography Johnny Abegg
Muse Kita Alexander @kitaalexander
Hair & Makeup Luciana Rose
Kita’s wears – Spell unreleased pieces from our Island Boho collection dropping Feb 15′ |Lakota Jewellery | Beautiflora | Stitch & Hide | The People Vs

Right now, as I sit here in my office, drinking my coffee, storm clouds building outside and a cool breeze finally breathing across Byron Bay, I’m feeling a few things. I’m feeling relieved that the hot weather has broken, and today Byron skies mirror the dark moodiness of this shoot, excited to see some unreleased Spell pieces shining in this shoot, but mainly, I’m feeling proud. Proud of my younger sister Luciana. She is incredible and never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I’m proud of her for producing this shoot (not because she has to, not to promote a product, and not because she was paid to do it, or even asked to do it as a favour, she pulled it together for one simple reason – inspiration.

Luciana creates these incredible shoots (and if you follow her instagram, she lives and breathes beautiful content every day) simply because she loves what she does, and because she loves to create beautiful, inspiring images and send then out into the universe. Oh, and because ever since she met gorgeous musician Kita Alexander, with her long, full ‘Brooke Shields-ish’ hair she couldn’t not shoot her in a blue lagoon. So, despite many a storm cloud on the horizon, she called her team together, including veteran Spell photographer and my super sexy fiance Johnny Abegg, styled it, scheduled it, directed it.

We were excited to be able to lend her a few pieces from our upcoming Island Boho collection (dropping February 2015) – so in amongst all the vintage pieces you’ll spot a few Spell sneak-peeks, the most exciting being our Island Boho striped turquoise gown.

I can’t wait for Luciana’s next shoot – she is an endless source of visual inspiration for us… and Im feeling too proud right now, not as the owner of a fashion label, but as a sister.