Mi Casa, Tu Casa!

Spell & the Gypsy Collective Winter 2012
Photographer Johnny Abegg
Model Georgia Frost
Styling + Art Direction Spell & Lizzy
Hair & Makeup Phoebe Barrett
Assistant Olivia Deane

In Winter we become little home bodies, pottering around our homes, draped in kimonos, sloppy joes and uggies, drinking hot chai and enjoying the Winter frost. So we chose to shoot in a little beach house here in Byron Bay, with the crisp Autumn air blowing in off the ocean.

We loved working with Georgia (would you believe another model we stumbled upon at our local cafe!! That’s the 3rd model we’ve found there! It’s getting ridiculous!) she was ΓΌber chilled and brought along a rock’n play list, (a nice break from Fleetwood Mac…)

The Winter range (more to come we promise!) is all flowing fabrics, oversized tees & sloppy joes, tassels, brass studs, cheetah print, aztec, lovely tans, taupes and creams – paired with splashes of bold brass jewellery and sterling silver turquoise pieces!

The prints are ones that we’ve been wanting to bring to life for ever, inspired by the dreamy designs on a pheasant feather, the wall paper on my parents in laws living room, a little cheetah print sweater we saw Kate Moss wearing in a W Mag editorial and an old Native American Indian design we saw hand painted onto caribu skin…

All available here ; )

We hope you love! x Lizzy & Spelly