Falls 17/18
Photography by Mel Carrero

As another year rolls around, so does the beautiful Falls Festival. Falls is a newbie to Byron in the scheme of our festival schedule, but it has fit in seamlessly. It is just too perfect to have a festival around this time of year.. with so many fab people visiting our beautiful region.

This year was an interesting mix of Palm Springs inspired style crossed with 90’s (hello lace up boots EVERY WHERE!) and of course a little bit of the Byron gypsy vibe had its influence. It was hot, then it rained, but everyone was embracing it – mudslides down the hill alá Woodstock and rain dancing in our new Gypsy Love styles (coming out with our limited edition Unicorn Tears collection, coming very soon!).

All in all it was a dreamy festival ~ the relaxed vibes of Byron mixed with the fun and celebration that the festive season brings.. what could be a better combination?