DIAMOND EYES ~ April ’18
Photography {and film} Graham Dunn 
Styling Isabella Pennefather
Hair and Makeup Luciana Rose
Styling Assistant Lily Reed Jones
Production Mel Carrero
Photography Assistant Tyler Ash 
Thanks to the entire Amangiri family.
Diamond Girl – roamin’ wild
Such a rare thing – radiant child
I could never find another one like you
~ Seals and Crofts, 1973
Not unlike a band who, at the end of recording an album realises they’ve written more songs than one record can handle, and so those rare, bonus tracks or B-SIDE’S are born… so too, is Diamond Eyes. Some fave styles we couldn’t let go of, gathered together like little gems, into one very special B-Side Collection…
If Celestial was expansive, intergalactic and starry eyed ~ Diamond Eyes is it’s antithesis; introspective, grounded and wrought from the earth (think ochre, clay and desert flowers set off with hues of turquoise stone, copper and amethyst). A creative recharge, through natural elements.

A collection, (available exclusively through Spell and selected US stockists), that is as striking as the divinely textural Utah landscape we shot it against. Find creamy, textural-gauze in our Scorpio pieces, the deepest turquoise and copper tones in our printed Jewel story, Artisan hand-stitched beading in our Outlaw crop singlet & sweater, and soft pastel desert florals intricately embroidered on our Cleo pieces created from a luxurious Linen x Tencel blend.

It’s desert princess meets luxe-loving, gypsetting nomad.

Drop Breakdown
  • All styles {Scorpio Cloth Romper TBC} will be released on Thursday, April 5th 10am AEST/ Wednesday April 4th 5pm PDT through our Spell online store and Byron store. Will be available through select US stockists.
  • Full album of styles available tomorrow on the Spell Facebook page.
  •  One wholesale exclusive style, the Jewel Blouse in Turquoise.