CELESTIAL ~ Spell & The Gypsy Mar 18
Photography Graham Dunn
Muse Staz Lindes
Styling Isabella Pennefather
Styling Assistant Lily Reed Jones
Hair and Makeup Luciana Rose
Photography Assistant Tyler Ash
Production Mel Carrero & Avenue 53
Film by Jon Lile
Thanks to Jim Baldwin Productions, Love Street Vintage & San Francisco Love Tours

San Francisco was the first city I visited in my 20’s. I wondered for hours (literally eight!) through the vintage stores on Haight, breathing in the dusty, musty vintage air. I brought Spelly back there with me a few years later and we felt like we were home. Our obsession with the iconography of the American hippy movement, and of course, vintage shopping made this strip our mecca. And today, the psychedelic, hippy vibes and the colourful culture of this city worked a dream as the backdrop for Celestial.

Our muse, Staz was someone we have been following foreverrr for some reason I just imagined her as the daughter of some old rocker, she just has that vibe (turns out she actually is!). We’d looked to the daughters of legendary rockers for inspiration when designing this range… cue Liv Tyler, Frances Bean Kobain, Georgia May Jagger.. the way they embody this kind of super modern style but always infuse it with a sweet nostalgia, we wanted to play with that idea in this collection. Staz turned out to be a total and utter sweety, and we had the best day tripping around this gorgeous city with her!

With this collection, we wanted to capture that feeling when you put a record on, you hear that skritchy-scratchy sound – then the music kicks in and you’re transported, through the milky way to another world, another time and a memory lane you may have only dreamed of… that is Celestial.

Drop breakdown

Thursday, Feb 8th at 10am AEDT

City Lights Blouse – Indigo, Sage
City Lights Mini Skirt – Indigo
City Lights Maxi Skirt – Sage
City Lights Cami – Auburn
City Lights Pants – Auburn
City Lights Gown – Indigo
City Lights Strappy Maxi – Sage
City Lights Tunic – Auburn
City Lights Mini Dress – Sage
Ashbury Patchwork Denim Skirt
Venus Off The Shoulder Dress
Florence Mini Dress
City Lights Bodysuit – Peach
City Lights Tri Bralette – Sage
City Lights Bloomers – Sage
City Lights Lace Bralette – Auburn
City Lights Lace Bloomers – Auburn

Dropping Early March
Celestial Blouse – Chambray, Cream
Celestial Legs 11 Skirt – Chambray
Celestial Cami – Cream
Celestial Mini Skirt – Cream
Celestial Playdress – Cream, Chambray, Flame
Celestial Tri Bralette – Cream
Celestial Bloomers – Cream
Celestial Embellished Denim Jacket
Celestial Embellished Denim Skirt
Lone Star Singlet
Dusk Jumpsuit
Lone Star Tee
Wild Child Raglan Dress
Wild Child Tank
Wild Child Tee
Imperial Lace Blouse
Imperial Lace Mini Dress
Boudoir Silk Slip – Marigold
Delilah Patchwork Kimono – Tulip
Delilah Patchwork Maxi Kimono – Tulip
Delilah Slip Dress – Tulip