DIY Festival Headpiece


Festival madness has finally calmed down for us here in Byron but seeing all the posts from our northern hemisphere friends still festival side, just makes us want to be a part of it! For those of you still right in the thick of it, we have a feather headpiece that will go perfectly with your tassel kimono stage side or, as I do, just chuck it on with ripped jeans and a white tee for a boho take on weekend casual…
I pulled our jewellery/leather making superstar, Renee, aside in our studio for a quick outtake on how to do it yourself.
You’ll need:
  1. A piece of leather (tan, black or white)
  2. A leather hole punch (buy from hardware store or leather craft store)
  3. Scissors
  4. 2x links off a belcher chain (grab one off an old necklace)
  5. Pliers
  6. 7 feathers (you can choose coloured feathers or natural ones you find in your garden).
  • Cut a piece of leather measuring your head from ear to ear to your required thickness.
  • Pierce 7 holes across the top of the leather  with a leather hole puncher, roughly 1.5 apart from each other .
  • Repeat with the hole puncher along the bottom of the leather, making sure the holes align with one other.
  • Cut two thin straps of leather 1cm in width and 30cm long.
  • Cut a link off of the belcher chain & at one end tuck the thin strap of leather under your head piece and clamp together with belcher chain.
  • Repeat the same at other end.
  • Insert feathers, the largest in the middle and the smaller ones either sides of that, and so on.


Your masterpiece is complete, go rock it!